Friday, April 5, 2013

How Scotia Hockey Club Bribed Me Into Blogging For Them

Who the hell is Zucker?
Last week I was on twitter minding my own business and snarking as usual when a new tweep popped her head up and said something along the lines of "Hey, how you doing and would you like to blog for Scotia Hockey Club and get some free Habs gear?"

I scoffed, went back to filing my nails, arched a newly manicured eyebrow and nonchalantly cooled my jets for about 5 whole seconds when I finally deigned to check my email inbox to see what was what.

For my non-Canadian tweeps, Scotia Hockey Club is a major hockey supporter in our Great White North. Scotiabank calls itself Canada's Hockey Bank and is the official bank for the NHL in Canada, and this short season they are running a promotional contest called Scotia High Five.

To that end they've gone ahead and recruited 10 bloggers to help promote the contest, and yours truly was asked because of her sexy good looks, kind and generous personality, and my sweet and demurring nature.

OK that last paragraph was absolute crap and you should know by now I can't be trusted. Heck, I heard the collective eye rolling from here.

What I got was more like this, "We like your sassafrass, knowledge about the Montreal Canadiens, and you have quality tweeps. Do us a solid and we'll give you free Habs bling and if you're the best of the 10 bloggers (getting the most clicks on your personalized entry form) you win a couple of third round playoff tickets."

At this point I arched the other eyebrow and said, "Yeah, I'm familiar with your Scotia Hockey Club (I actually "liked" it on FB before this anyway) but what's in it for my tweeps?"

I'm not into spam or nonsense, y'all. I'm not into link clicking for the sake of clicking and I don't like to ask my online friends to do it for nada either. There's gotta be something in it for my tweeple, something really good.

And the answer is this: weekly draws for game tickets to the team of your choice; not just for Montreal Canadiens fans, ANY NHL team. Of course, this contest is naturally only open to Canadian residents, which is unfortunate for my American and International tweeps who sent me DMs last night lamenting this fact (read: bitching about it).

The grand prize, though, is the beauty. It's a VIP package for two to a Stanley Cup Final game, and if that doesn't entice you I don't know why you're even watching hockey.

So how does this work exactly?

It's pretty easy. You log in HERE and pick your favorite team and every time they score a goal you click the High Five hand and voila, you're entered. That's all there is to it.

You have 10 minutes after each goal to click the hand, and 12 hours to log on for a bonus High Five.

Scotia Hockey Club draws a random winner each week to attend an NHL game of their choice, and the grand prize draw is June 10th. The contest itself is open until June 9th, and again, only to Canadian residents.

Just please be sure to use my personalized link if you're kind enough to do this because hey... third round playoff tickets are hard to come by and terribly expensive and I truly appreciate your dedicated clicking contributions to my hard core hockey obsession.

Whilst I do covet the potential third round tickets for myself, I think what would thrill me most is if one of my tweeps won the Grand Prize, or heck even game tickets.

If you're interested in more info you can follow @scotiahockey on twitter and the contest hashtag is #ScotiaHighFive.

You can also follow me @tygerlylly and if you're not already then I'm probably terribly devastated and everything so you might want to fix that pronto. I tend to follow back unless you're an egg, a spam bot or somehow related to me. My relatives tend to confine themselves to my Facebook page because apparently "that's as much of your nonsense as we can take".

There are only 23 days left in the regular season, so be sure to enter frequently and for crying out loud don't pick a team that can't hit the broad side of a barn and doesn't score a lot of goals *cough* Colorado Avalanche *cough*.

Now the Montreal Canadiens, on the other hand, they're doing pretty good in scoring goals lately. You might want to choose them as your favorite team. Just a suggestion!

I shall be shilling ad nauseum for the next 23 days because I want us to win! And if a miracle happens and I win the 6/49 we'll just all go!

I thank you now in advance for the RT's and Shares and Likes, etc. and I'll hook y'all up with my Scotia Hockey Club blogs as they get written and become available.

Good luck everyone!

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