Saturday, April 14, 2012

With a Rebel Yell

Home at last!
I've got 3 things I'm going to blog about today, so feel free to skip to the one(s) that interest you. The first will be hockey, the second will be the Titanic, and the third will be all about moi as usual.

Neither of the first two will likely be popular opinions, because hey, that's just me.

Thrilling I know. Hold onto your hat.


I don't care.

I know it's the Stanley Cup playoffs and there's some good hockey going on, which I have at times appreciated even watching without the emotional investment, but the truth is that without the emotional investment I just don't really care who gets the Cup this year.

I'd prefer it wasn't the Bruins but that's about it.

Passing thoughts: Shea Weber deserved more than a lousy fine, and I keep waiting for someone to take a shot at Marchand. Not sure how Chris Lee and Tim Peel got to referee playoff games but they've obviously got some heavy hitter friends which is good for them but overall bad for the sport. I can't think of any two NHL refs I've disrespected more. I still have zero faith in Roberto Luongo's mental or testicular fortitude during the post-season, nor the Canucks defense. Ditto that for Fleury and the Pens.

So far I've been pulling for the Pens (my Mom loves Sid), Detroit (I like Babcock), Vancouver and the Sens (Canadian teams), and the Caps because the alternative in that series is unacceptable. It's a good thing I didn't lay down any big money or I'd be trolling Hollis Street just to pay out to my bookie.

I have more interest in who the Habs will pick for their next GM (anybody but Pierre McGuire) and Head Coach (anybody but Patrick Roy).

Still, I do watch and it really is more to do with the lack of alternative programming. I like Awake and Touch and Game of Thrones but other than that I have to wonder what the hell I pay out so much money for each month to my service provider. TV sucks and movies are worse so I'm in sort of an entertainment hell right now.

Luckily there are still books worth reading and music worth listening to.

During the Bruins / Caps 2nd game my Dad made the unfortunate mistake of listening to PJ Stock. "Jeez, that guy is an idiot, isn't he?"

Meanwhile my Mom took to picking on Alex Ovechkin. "He looks like one of those ugly old time Bond villains with the big teeth."

I really couldn't refute either, nor did I even try.

The Titanic 100th Anniversary

All I can say about this is I'm glad I won't be around for the 200th anniversary and I'm not in the mood to forgive James Cameron for that dumbass movie anytime soon.

Before his stupid, maudlin, brutally long movie no one on the planet gave a shit about this ship. We'd forgotten all about it. Hell, they'd been dead and gone for decades and it's not like I'd ever known any of them.

Before Cameron's movie no one visited the Titanic graves, and no one at the universities were interested in or budgeted for modern forensic testing. One stupid and truly annoying Celine Dion song later and now there are bus tours, boat tours and identifications.

Every single news cast for weeks has gone on and on about them like I should be sad and saying regular prayers or something. There is nothing else on the local broadcasts or in the newspapers and even Sid the Kid and Marchand the Moron in the playoffs is not enough to rate their usual airtime.

Money is where it's at, baby, and not even two homeboys in the playoffs can compete with the vast amounts of green flowing into the city thanks to some rusting hulk rotting offshore.

I truly don't get why Australians and Germans and people who had no family or emotional attachment are flying to Halifax to spend good money because of an inferior movie. I suppose it's like rubber necking a car wreck or something, but it still strikes me as foolish.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world rambles on but the local news continues to ignore it with their usual one-track zealotry. There's never been a trend they won't enthusiastically piggyback after all.

I'm never forgiving the music world for that Celine Dion song. Or Celine Dion either.

All About Moi

On Wednesday I went for the third and final stage of my interview and on Thursday afternoon shortly before work I got the call that I had won the job. I will be a Letter Carrier Supervisor with Canada Post, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

So I'm going home, having been born and largely bred in Port-aux-Basques, roughly two hours away from Corner Brook. My mother will retire to our hometown and enjoy a life of leisure.

After 20 years in Halifax I really do want to go home and never thought I'd have the opportunity. It's funny how things turn so quickly.

I called my grandmother from work on Thursday and told her the good news. "You'll have to put up with me now," I warned her.

"Well if I get tired of you I'll just drive you out of it," was her reply. But she's delighted to have us come home.

Much harder will be spending so much less time with Da Nephew. I'm used to having him every weekend and he grows so damned fast. Still, it's not like I'm moving to Panama so I suppose we'll work it out somehow.

Rental accommodation in Corner Brook is surprisingly hard to come by, and not that much cheaper than Halifax really. I thought that most of the people moving back home were gathered largely on the Avalon and the booming oil industry springing up there, but it seems the domino effect is already in place.

I've always had a bit of luck with apartment hunting, though, and I hope it continues with this move. Speaking of moving, I do so hate it but this should be the last time ever if I get my way.

I don't yet know when I will be moving. The position was originally listed as anticipatory staffing, but during my phone offer the Regional GM indicated they'd like to have me there as soon as possible. Apparently they will give me a minimum of four weeks, though I hope to push that back a wee bit.

I also hope that there's at least one other Habs fan in the Corner Brook office. Otherwise I'm just going to have to convert them all.


  1. Congratulations on the new job - well done.

    As far as playoffs go, I have absolutely no interest - actually wanted to bandwagon but nope, could not do it. Last hockey I have watched was Leafs v Habs.

    In Cornerbrook I am sure you will find a Hab fan or two lol.

    As far as the Titanic goes - I have never seen the movie - heard the song of course. But have always been interested in it. Weird.

    Hope the moving Gods continue to shine on you and you find a place quickly.

  2. Thanks Laura. Honestly that damned movie is 3 hours of "Jack! Jack! Jack!" by Kate Winslet, an actress I otherwise do admire and whose work I enjoy. Not so much this time. I can't fathom (pun intended) how it won award, and that damned song is totally puke-worthy.

    All I want is the Bruins not to win but I have no trust for the refs (go figure) and Bettman. I'm hoping that it's the West's turn to claim the Cup this year.


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